A small town with strong HEART,
a a big community spirit of volunteerism.

The website is paid for by (PCI) Potter Community Improvement,
one of the many volunteer organizations.


If you are a business - store front or home-based
 in 69156 area, you are welcome to have a link or page
included on the Potter site EMAIL me
This is a FREE community service.

1- Requirement for the Business Page listing

2- Requirement for a picture link on the home page

3- Requirement for a simple page (sample)



Don't have graphics, no clue how to do this, NO PROBLEM,
just email me and I'll be glad to help, and if it is for the Potter site, it is always free.

Remember YOU have to ask, information is automatically add to the site.

Please EMAIL me if you know of something to add  or removed from the site.

I have been asked...
"but why do I have to email it, can't I just leave a note or talk to you?"
and the answer is... well you can, but I can assure you that if you email me the info it is 98% more likely to get on the site,
because it is already on my computer to upload/post, and your not counting on me remembering to do it, which at times can be risky.


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